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Ceramic Cool

Practically invisible when installed, yet able to block a significant amount of infrared heat, Ceramic Cool is a spectrally selective film that’s ideal for both commercial and residential applications. Produced using advanced nano-ceramic technology, these films deliver impressive solar rejection without creating a dark or reflective appearance.

Ceramic Dual Reflective

Day or night, Dual Reflective Ceramic delivers! These unique films reduce interior reflectivity for a clear view even at night and provide superior solar performance during the day. In addition, they’re compatible with most dual pane windows. No wonder Dual Reflective Ceramic is the choice of top dealers and designers for both residential and commercial applications.

Frost / White Matte

Our decorative film is the perfect solution for those special projects that require something a little unique. Featuring a matte


Solar Control Film’s Lux films feature high VLT so they’re nearly invisible when installed. Yet they provide excellent solar energy rejection – all at a most affordable price point. These all-metal films are color-stable, dye-free, and ideal for both commercial and residential customers.

Silver Reflective

A traditional window film classic, Silver PS offers a highly reflective, mirror-like exterior appearance that provides increased privacy as well as high solar energy rejection. With years of proven performance behind it, Silver PS remains a perennial industry favorite.

Spectrally Selective

Make the most of those sunny days while shielding interior spaces from heat and UV rays. This crystal-clear film looks exceptional when installed and brings plenty of innovative features to the table.