Superior Paint Protection Film

Invisible World Class Protection That Lasts


Paint Protection Film is an excellent option if you’re looking for a new and exciting service to offer to your clients. Many tinters find that offering PPF services during the slow months helps maintain cash flow. PPF services also keep your employees busy during the off-season.

PPF also has many unique benefits compared to normal window film. Unlike window film, PPF is designed to go on the actual body of the vehicle. This means that you can offer window film and PPF installation to maximize your income for each vehicle that comes into your shop.

And when it comes to performance, PPF is an easy sell. If you have customers with brand new cars, your PPF services can keep these vehicles looking brand new for years to come. It’s also an excellent option for anyone who wants to protect a new custom paint job. Not only does PPF protect against minor scuffs, scrapes, and blemishes, but it can also boost a vehicle’s aesthetic appeal with a stunning, super-gloss finish. It’s a win-win — both for you and your valued customers.


PPF (Paint Protection Film)

Offer your customers one of the most technology advanced options available for protection and style. With a high-gloss finish, this





Entire car – all painted surfaces of the vehicle and headlights.

The Power of PPF

Our Paint Protection Film offers a number of notable features that you might not find with other products. For starters, this PPF has self-healing properties. You heard us right — this protective layer actually morphs at room temperature, making minor scrapes and scuffs invisible with time. Another important benefit is its hydrophobic coating, which repels all moisture to keep vehicles dry and stain-free.

In terms of its aesthetic appeal, this PPF truly shines with its super-gloss finish. As a result, this product not only has the power to protect vehicles, but it also has the power to radically transform its appearance in a stunning manner.


Add PPF To Your Window Tinting Business A Growing Industry

Paint Protection

If you’re looking for a product that is a complete joy to work with, you really can’t go wrong with our PPF. With soft-to-stretch properties and a repositionable PSA, achieving perfect results is a breeze — even if you’re a PPF newbie. Our product is designed to work with virtually any vehicle you can imagine, including those with exotic contours and curves. Throw it on bumpers, spoilers, hoods, the doors, and any area that might be vulnerable to wear and tear.

You can also give your customers a wide range of shade options when they choose our PPF. These options include Cool White for a brighter finish, Midnight Black for a darker shade, and Natural Shield for an invisible protective shield that doesn’t affect a vehicle’s natural paint job. You can also offer to tint a small area of the vehicle, such as the front bumper, or the entire vehicle. This provides your customers with tons of flexibility when they opt for PPF services at your tinting shop.

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