Solar Control Films

Tint Distributor & Wholesale Auto Tinting Materials

Here at Solar Control Films, we are obsessed with high-quality, reliable films. We sell products that have been made with careful, single-source manufacturing methods and innovative new technology. With these products, we provide you with all the tools you need to satisfy your customers. We understand that in order to make your clients happy, you need top-quality window film, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Whether you need automotive, architectural, or safety films, we’ve got you covered. We also offer top-notch PPF solutions. Browse our selection today to discover a world of possibilities.

Our partners at Global Films ensure the highest possible quality control standards by maintaining a vertically-integrated manufacturing process from start to finish. From the polymers that make up the core of our films right down the outer packaging, Global Films controls every single material and process that goes into the creation of our products. Instead of relying on third parties and unvetted materials, Global oversees the creation of their window films every step of the way. This is our promise to you, and it is how we provide such reliable and consistent products.

Combined with our constant search for new, innovative window film technology, this overall strategy has allowed us to distribute some of the most functional and visually stunning window films on the market. Our films are also affordable, allowing you to boost your profit margins and run a successful, sustainable business. Try out Solar Control Films today, and you’ll see why so many professional tinters across the nation have formed strong, lasting partnerships with our brand.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Here at Solar Control Films, we know that selling amazing window films isn’t quite enough in this day and age. In order to become a truly responsible business, we partnered with organizations that were willing to give back and do their part for the environment. Our films were produced by Global Films, and this company has embarked on an ambitious mission to create eco-friendly products, minimize their carbon footprint, and keep our community and planet as clean as possible. Here’s what they’ve achieved over the years:

Global Films has created what is often referred to as a “Circular Economy,” which involves a 100% closed-loop waste processing scheme. One of the aspects of this scheme is the reuse of PET production waste to the greatest extent possible. This means that when the company manufactures new window films, they reuse waste instead of contaminating the environment. 

This process relies heavily on a unique approach to wastewater treatment. Global Films has a state-of-the-art facility that utilizes both Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs) and Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) to remove contaminants and discharge clean water back into the water supply as much as possible. This process also involves reclaiming and reusing contaminants whenever possible, further augmenting this environmentally-friendly manufacturing process. 

Raw materials are often made up of post-consumer, recycled waste. It’s important to note that the overall quality of these products is not affected in any way by this strategy, and customers receive the same top-quality films while decreasing their own carbon footprints when they choose Solar Control Films. One example is rPET, which is a raw material made of 90% recycled substances for a truly sustainable final product. 

Global Films’ ENCON initiatives also ensure the minimization of the carbon footprint as much as possible. These efforts have resulted in considerable praise in the window tinting industry, and it mostly revolves around the reduction of fossil fuel consumption at Global Films’ facilities. By opting for greener power sources whenever possible, Global Films strives to prevent particulate emissions. By preventing these particulates from contaminating the soil, air, and water, the company ensures that the global community can be enjoyed by people long into the future. 

Finally, Global Films has engaged in a number of positive initiatives to aid in reforestation. The goal is to increase green cover as much as possible, as our forests are valuable assets in the fight against carbon emissions. With tree planting and other programs, it is possible to make a real difference. At Solar Control Films, we don’t want to be just another faceless, profit-driven company with no regard for the environment. We’re better than that.