Due to the nature of the window film business, we can only offer returns under very specific circumstances. Once a roll of film has been opened and used (even partially), we can no longer accept it as a return, and we cannot offer you a refund. 

The shipping process may also result in damaged products, and shipping these items back and force can increase the risk of damage. Since returns cause the products to be shipped multiple times, the chances of damage are too high. 

It is also very difficult to determine whether the film has actually been used, and how much film has been used. If we were to determine how much film has been used, we may damage the product and render it worthless. 

Due to these factors, our return policy is quite strict when it comes to rolls of film. Unfortunately, we are likely to be unable to assist you if you are unhappy with the quality of the film after receiving it. 

That being said, there are a few rare situations in which a return or refund may be warranted. 

In these situations, you may incur the following costs:

  • Fees for original freight shipping
  • Inspection fees
  • Re-boxing fees
  • Repackaging fees
  • Cut-down losses
  • Cost of shipping damage

If we do offer you a refund, we will issue you a credit to your account, allowing you to purchase more items on our site. Unfortunately, we do not offer cash refunds. If you’d like more information on our return policy, reach out to a representative at your earliest convenience.