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1 Ply Smoke

This budget-friendly 1-ply film packs a surprising punch, including a beautiful smoke-grey shade and reliable heat rejection. Achieve both aesthetic results and excellent performance with one the best-value films on the market today. With weatherable polyester construction and a 2-year warranty, our 1-Ply Smoke is designed to last. If you have customers who want the most affordable window tinting services, this film is a must-have.

Carbon Shield 1.5′ x 3′ Starburst Banner

A banner is a great way to decorate your shop and add a touch of professionalism to the general atmosphere. This particular banner lets you advertise Carbon Shield – one of our most popular films. Your customers will be asking about it in no time at all – leading to new services and new business.

Carbon Shield 24″ x 36″ Showroom Poster

Having trouble educating your customers about the power of Carbon Shield? Just direct them towards this poster and let them read all about its high-performance features. Featuring VLT rates and much more data, this poster can help you advertise the functionality of one of your best films.

Ceramic Cool

Practically invisible when installed, yet able to block a significant amount of infrared heat, Ceramic Cool is a spectrally selective film that’s ideal for both commercial and residential applications. Produced using advanced nano-ceramic technology, these films deliver impressive solar rejection without creating a dark or reflective appearance.

Ceramic Dual Reflective

Day or night, Dual Reflective Ceramic delivers! These unique films reduce interior reflectivity for a clear view even at night and provide superior solar performance during the day. In addition, they’re compatible with most dual pane windows. No wonder Dual Reflective Ceramic is the choice of top dealers and designers for both residential and commercial applications.

Ceramic IR 1.5′ x 3′ Starburst Banner

If your customers have never heard of Ceramic IR, they’ll start asking questions about this tried-and-true film after you proudly raise this banner in your shop. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this banner is a great choice for anyone who’s trying to boost their marketing game.

Ceramic IR 24″ x 36″ Showroom Poster

A simple poster can go a long way for your overall marketing strategy. Simply decorate one of your walls with one of these marketing products, and you can instantly make your shop seem more professional. Customers can also easily view these posters to check out the winning features of Ceramic IR – one of our best films.

Ceramic IR Plus 1.5′ x 3′ Starburst Banner

If your customers don’t know what type of films you carry, then they can’t ask for the latest and greatest options – like Ceramic IR Plus. Fix that problem with this glorious banner – perfect for just about any shop you can imagine.

Ceramic IR Plus 24″ x 36″ Showroom Poster

This stellar infographic is a quick and easy way to educate your customers about the winning features of Carbon IR film. A solid choice for anyone with marketing reward points to redeem, this poster belongs inside your shop – it’s as simple as that.

Ceramic Xtreme

For the absolute best automotive window film in the business, choose Ceramic Xtreme. Consumers love it for its unsurpassed performance and good looks; dealers and installers love the way it handles. This metal-free, color-stable film is the top pick of tinting professionals and consumers alike.

Ceramic Xtreme 1.5′ x 3′ Starburst Banner

Step up your marketing game with this Ceramic Xtreme banner. Your customers will be asking questions about this stellar new film in no time, and you know what that means – more services, and more business. Aside from all that, this is a great decoration for your shop that creates a truly professional vibe.

Ceramic Xtreme 24″ x 36″ Showroom Poster

If you can’t remember all of the features of our Ceramic Xtreme film, we don’t blame you. After all, there’s a lot to remember. Grab this handy poster, and you’ll never forget every little detail about this product. Better yet, you point your customers towards this poster for an easy way to describe why they should be tinting their vehicle with Ceramic Xtreme.

Vitra Chair -
Classic Design.


Charles, Ray Eames


Wood, Leather, Metal


Woodmart, Basel




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