How Window Tint Can Protect You from Harmful UV Rays

Window tinting can be great for privacy and help you save energy, but did you know that it can also protect against harmful sun rays?

How Window Tint Can Protect You from Harmful UV RaysThe Skin Cancer Foundation highly recommends window film as a necessary preventative against UV rays that cause skin cancer.  Though most think of taking preventative measures while outside and in direct contact with sunlight, few realize that the sun can do damage indoors as well!

Window film is highly effective against these harmful sun rays, and is a a great way to protect your skin, your health, and your belongings that might be damaged by Ultraviolet Radiation.

Whether we are in the car, homes or our place of work, we are susceptible to damaging UV rays.  Solar Control Films is on a mission to cut back on that damage by distributing the best window film and tools, so you and your belongings remain safe from the sun’s harmful rays, but can still enjoy natural sunlight from inside your home, car, or commercial building!

For more information on the Skin Cancer Foundation and the health benefits of window film, click here!

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