State by State Car Tint Regulations

Everyone knows the benefits of getting the windows on their vehicles tinted; increased privacy, reducing the heat inside the vehicle to prolong the life of leather interior, blocking out harmful UV rays that have been shown to cause skin cancer, or your motivation may be purely aesthetic perhaps because you feel it improves the appearance of the car.However some car owners fail to consider the tint laws of the resident state that may restrict the types of window tint, or the regulations on how dark the front, back, and side windows can respectively be.

Each window may have a different VLT law (Visible Light Transmittance) & reflectivity law. For instance, some states have had laws on the books regarding window tint for vehicles since as early as 1983 (Iowa), while others were late adopters and have passed window tint legislation as recently as 2007 (Maine). Most tint shops will know their local tint laws. Always double check your state tint law before choosing which film is right for you.

Thankfully, the wonderful team researchers over at the International Window Film Association (IWFA) have put together a rather comprehensive chart of the laws and regulations regarding automotive window tint state by state. The charts for both United States and Canada window tint laws is the result of independent research, using several sources of public state documents. Now please bear in mind that this chart is in NO WAY a legal document, nor is it the be all end all compilation of definitive window tint laws. Again, you should ALWAYS check the laws in your state from a reliable source like a government organization before proceeding with having your vehicle tinted. Ignorance of the law has never been a viable defense for not following it. Almost all states publish their laws online.

So make sure you are well informed by viewing the United States chart here and the chart for Canada here.

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