So we’ve recently had quite a few calls at the warehouse, particularly our customers in Texas, inquiring about where they could obtain “compliance labels” or Texas Window Tint labels.

*Let me preface this article by stating that we do not make nor sell these labels, however if you place an order with us we are more than happy to include some with each roll of film that are “Texas” compliant.

See, Texas state law limits the thickness of window tint in vehicles at 25 percent light transmission, with a darker tint only being allowed if the requirements for a medical exemption are met. (To make sure that you are compliant, you should install a 32% or 35% VLT film because the glass has 93% VLT).

A recent Texas Senate bill amended this law to include that with one difference – now the installer must affix a vehicle safety compliance label to a newly installed windshield. The law states:

The language of 547.609 of the Texas Transportation Code was interpreted by the Department as requiring one label for each vehicle regardless of how many windows had sunscreening devices applied to them.  As a result, in Chapter 21 of the Texas Administrative Code (TAC), TXDPS requires that only one label be attached to the rearmost, bottom corner of the driver’s side window of the vehicle.  The passenger side is optional.  The content of the label shall include “Complies with TRC Chapter 547” (or “Complies with TTC 547.613 (b)” which is currently utilized).  Any other information on the label, including the installer’s name, is optional.”

Example:  A typical window tint label states the following:

Tint Shop Name


LR <25%

TX code 547.613

The logic behind the law is that thicker tinting could reduce a driver’s visibility and if your windows are darker than the legal limit, you could face a fine of up to one thousand dollars.

State Trooper Gabriel Medrano of the Department of Public Safety says the law is a safety issue, saying, “They want to make sure that you’re able to see outside of your windows and it keeps everyone else safe to make sure that you see what’s going on around you.”

Now, we get our compliance labels printed at Frontier Labels. We do this not because they specialize in these type of labels, but because it just made more sense logistically. That said, if you contact them for compliance labels, you will still have to design what you want the label to look like. As the law stated above, including the tint installer’s name is optional. Hope this short blog clears up any questions that our customers in Texas have been dealing with.


As a reminder, always tint as per your state law regulation.

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