Ask a group of interior decorators whether windows should be dressed or bare and the results will be split down the middle. Ask an architect the same question and the answer will be… leave them bare. But windows are more than just a decorative feature or a way to let in light, they are also an important element if you are looking for ways to become more energy efficient in the home.

Window treatments alone can reduce energy use in a home and are less expensive than purchasing new, energy-efficient windows.

Window treatments offer an easy way to add privacy to your home, which is important if you are

overlooked by adjoining properties or live in a development that doesn’t have boundary walls arou

nd individual houses. Another benefit of fitting window treatments is that they can be used to insulate a home. In the winter closing the thick curtains keep a home cozy and warm by blocking out drafts around windows. In the warmer months, window treatments filter or block out a certain amount of sunlight to keep a home cool. And window treatments can also be used to dampen sound levels, both from outdoors and indoors.

In many instances window treatments are used as an integral part of the design in a room, adding color and texture to a plain room, visually increasing the height in a low ceiling room, or framing a beautiful view through a window. Choose window treatments or coverings not only for decoration but also as way of saving energy on your heating and cooling bills and protecting your furniture and fittings.

However with many decorators and architects not designing window area to accommodate window treatments, reflective window film is a much better energy efficient solution.

In addition to their energy efficient properties, window films or tinted glass are available to offer varying degrees of reflectance, with the more transparent ones being less energy efficient. Window films or tinted glass are the perfect solution for architectural windows, or floor-to-ceiling windows that are integral to the design of a home. These types of windows block out a certain amount of heat gain and offer a level of privacy. Both reflective films and tinted glass are available for DIY or professional installation.

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