Solar Control Films Inc is launching a new series of very light window films that are virtually transparent yet still stop radiant heat (IR heat) and stop 99% of the harmful UV rays. You won’t know these films are even on your windows. Around the Globe, these films are put on the windshields to stop the heat & UV (where it’s legal). The Air Ceramic Crystal films come in visible light transmittance of 70, 80 and 86 which are the lightest shades in the car tint industry. The new film series include:

Kool Ice 80%
IR Cool Grey 86%
IR Cool Grey 80%
Ceramic Xtreme 70%
Ceramic Xtreme 50%

Lux 70%
Classic 70%
Crystal Clear 75%
Museum 70%

The Ceramic Xtreme 70 car tint will block over 49% of the total heat (TSER) and 88% of infrared heat. The IR Cool Grey 86 is the lightest film that Solar Control Films offers. These films have a pressure sensitive adhesive for the installation on the cars. We use a strong adhesive that will last. These films never fade purple and will enhance to the look of your windows and reduce part of the glare.

By blocking 99% of the ultraviolet rays, the skin of your family will be protected. It’s like adding sunscreen to your glass. Less fading will occur to the interior of your car. With extra UV inhibitors, the premium films over a life time warranty.

Contact your solar control specialist to find out more information on the right film for you.

Other films in the market that offer light films are the Crystalline Series of films and the Air 80 and Air 70. 3M Gold cards and 3M Blue Squeegee cards are popular tools used to install all the window films. Always check your windshield tint laws in the country and state that you live.

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