What can you do to make your home a safer haven against the buffeting winds and hurtling projectiles that can come with extreme weather? One proactive step is installing window film on all of your home’s windows. Professionally installed window film offers a host of safety benefits for your family members, (pets too), and can help protect them and the contents of your home when the weather goes bad.

Window film is a thin sheet of window coating, professionally and permanently installed, that delivers a range of high value benefits, including protection from shattered glass fragments caused by flying debris. Window film provides a thin strengthening layer that holds many shards of shattered glass together, providing another layer of protection for your family.

Homeowners need to be aware of the risks posed by extreme weather. Professionally installed window film provides a shatterproof barrier of protection that can help reduce the family’s injuries in the event of broken windows.

The efficacy is proven, and the industry has submitted itself to rigorous third party testing to certify its products.  Window films adhere to many safety standards, including human impact, glass fragment protection, burglary intrusion, bomb blast and fire safety.

Moreover, it can provide this protection without changing the view to the outside.  When clear window film is installed, there is also no visible aesthetic change to the window, although window film is available in many shades, from virtually clear to medium or dark.

Perhaps you have already begun your fall preparations – taking in deck furniture, cleaning the gutters, and checking that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are operable. Now’s the time to add that protective layer to your windows so you can be sure that when the storms come, your house has an extra layer of protection, no matter what the weather throws at it.

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