Energy Savings Benefits of Residential Window Tint

The large windows of your home allow plenty of natural sunlight as well as add a beautiful ambiance. The downsize of these large windows is the amount of radiant heat they allow into the house which increases energy consumption for air conditioners.

In addition, sunlight can fade furniture and have excessive glare inside your home. An excellent solution to keep your large windows and reduce your energy costs is to install tinted window films.

The advancement of window films offer decorative, aesthetic films that can add style to your home. Reducing your energy consumption is crucial, but residential window films also add protection to your windows from intruders. The added strength of the film once installed will not stop the window from being broken, but can help slow down a thief or stop him altogether from getting in.

Here are some other benefits that you can enjoy with the use of residential window film:

  • Reduce energy costs up to 30%: Reports reveal that a majority of the energy is wasted due to untreated windows. Replacing your standard windows with tinted films for windows virtually adds value to your savings, as you can save between 30% and 50% of your energy bills.
  • Reduce Heat: High quality tinted films are considered highly efficient because they control the impact of sunlight from outside and keep people inside the house comfortable.
  • Great Appearance: There are various trendy design options in the tinted films available in the market, from which you can choose your desired design to match your decor.
  • Quick Installation: Installation will should not interrupt the daily activities of your home. Installation companies can perform the installation with ease, at a very fast pace.
  • Reduce Glare: Tinted films for windows would reduce reflection from the surroundings and the glare caused by the direct light of the sun, thereby providing the perfect environment indoors to feel comfortable.
  • Save Furniture Fading: Heat and sunlight can cause fading to your expensive furniture and upholstery if you do not choose tinted films for your windows.
  • Skin Care: Dermatologists recommend car window tinting, Malaysia for people who suffer from skin allergy due to the sun’s UV rays. Having tinted films for your car windows and home windows would keep you safe from such allergies.


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