Products with all positive feedbacks

HP Charcoal 24″ x 36″ Showroom Poster

A solid choice for any showroom, this poster allows you to advertise the features and benefits of HP Charcoal film quickly and easily. Customers can learn about VLT rates, the lifetime warranty, and much more with just a quick glance towards this poster. It’s one of the best ways to spend your heard-earned marketing reward points.

HP Charcoal 1.5′ x 3′ Starburst Banner

Trade in your heard-earned marketing reward points for this eye-catching banner, and you can seriously boost your marketing game with the power of positive branding. Not only does this provide a professional decoration for your shop, but it also gets customers asking questions about your newest services.

Silver Reflective

A traditional window film classic, Silver PS offers a highly reflective, mirror-like exterior appearance that provides increased privacy as well as high solar energy rejection. With years of proven performance behind it, Silver PS remains a perennial industry favorite.

Carbon Shield 24″ x 36″ Showroom Poster

Having trouble educating your customers about the power of Carbon Shield? Just direct them towards this poster and let them read all about its high-performance features. Featuring VLT rates and much more data, this poster can help you advertise the functionality of one of your best films.

Ceramic Dual Reflective

Day or night, Dual Reflective Ceramic delivers! These unique films reduce interior reflectivity for a clear view even at night and provide superior solar performance during the day. In addition, they’re compatible with most dual pane windows. No wonder Dual Reflective Ceramic is the choice of top dealers and designers for both residential and commercial applications.

Ceramic Xtreme

For the absolute best automotive window film in the business, choose Ceramic Xtreme. Consumers love it for its unsurpassed performance and good looks; dealers and installers love the way it handles. This metal-free, color-stable film is the top pick of tinting professionals and consumers alike.