One of the many great advantages of decorative window film is that it is unaffected by steam, heat and moisture. Here are some creative ways you can use it to update and decorate while insulating and saving energy.

Over Your Kitchen Sink

Nothing looks better and allows natural light in like a window behind the kitchen sink. Again, the window film is water resistant so there’s no risk of yellowing or curling. These films bring beauty and elegance to the room while filtering UV rays.

Decorative Kitchen Cabinets

Adding frosted window film to the glass kitchen cabinet windows is a simple way to add elegance to the room while obscuring visibility through the glass.

Bathroom Privacy

The durability of our privacy film makes it the perfect solution for bathrooms, for both windows and shower enclosures.

Go Tropical

Featuring herons, palm trees, birds of paradise and more, this window film has the appearance of etched glass and can transform a room with style and elegance.  Everyone that enters the room, will enjoy the beauty of nature and the relaxing vibes of palm trees captured.

For those with a nice view, the see-thru version decorates while leaving plenty of space to see outside.  For those with an unfortunate view or a need for privacy, the privacy version features the design on our privacy film and provides translucent privacy without darkening the room.

Creating Your Own View

Speaking of unfortunate views, printed decorative window film can transform a bad view into a beautiful view using scenic landscapes of iconic locations, memorable vacations or simply a favorite place.  Businesses have been using custom printing to decoratively improve privacy and create signs for their windows and glass doors.  Churches of all denominations have embraced the beauty and affordability of custom printed decorative window film as a way to beautify all areas of their facilities.



Window tints design have gone a long way since their invention. Although they were first designed for vehicles they are now used in businesses and homes all around the world. They now offer a great solution for home decoration and privacy. Window films are affordable and allow natural light to enter your house or apartment while still providing a high level of privacy. Window films are now available in all styles, colors and sizes and look awesome wherever they are used. Take a look at some of the design ideas below and learn which one is best for your apartment.

Pearl Window Tints Design

Pearl window tints are opaque window tints. As the name suggests they have a tinge of pearl-color to them. They allow plenty natural light to flow through and give you a high level of privacy. It can be used in windows and glass doors in your house. They are pretty neutral and work well with any style of decoration you use at home. If you have large windows and only want to cover a certain area, either the top, bottom or middle sections then pearl tints design are the best way to go.


Window films can be found in any design. One of the most popular is the branch or nature design. They feature natural patterns like tree branches, flowers, and high grass and give your house a beautiful finish. They are great for windows with views to open areas like your backyard. They are also commonly used in kitchens and work well with minimalist and futurist layouts. The most creative way to use a branch design is in a bathroom as it can be placed on glass shower enclosures and work perfectly for a nature-themed bathroom.

Prints & Patterns

Modern window tints design come in an array of different prints and patterns combined with pastel tones. These include stars, geometric shapes, animal prints (usually used for children’s rooms) and much more. You can even have your own custom pattern laid out on your windows to provide an original, out of the box feel.

Gradient Films

Gradient films are usually used in offices but work well at home as well. They are great for glass shower enclosures as they go from thicker likes to thinner lines (either from top to bottom or from bottom to top) and slowly allow more visibility. Note you can combine different prints and create a complex gradient or simply opt for lines for a slick modern look.

Transparent Tints

Transparent window tints design are not for aesthetic purposes but can benefit your house in many ways. They have an insulating effect and make your house more energy efficient than regular homes. Transparent tints help regulate the temperature inside of your house and can be placed on all windows without being notices. Not to mention they provide a high level of protection against ultraviolet radiation for you, your loved ones and even your belongings.