If you have ever had the experience of trying to shop in a store that has the sun shining in, and you are sweltering, you know how unpleasant that experience can be. You just want to get out of there and find a more enjoyable shopping experience. Or, if you have ever worked in an office where the sun is constantly in your eyes and you feel like you are getting a sunburn just sitting at your desk, you know how miserable that can be. In the summer,

window tint can keep a commercial building significantly cooler. Harmful UV rays, when unfiltered, can also cause sun damage for skin. Not only does sun damage age skin, but UV rays are so harmful they can cause skin cancer. It is incredibly important that all commercial buildings have window tint to keep guests, employees, shoppers and clients comfortable. But, while comfort is very important, there are certainly benefits that extend beyond comfort.

Commercial buildings contain valuable equipment and decor. With commercial window tint, harmful UV rays are filtered so that fading of things like merchandise, equipment, drapery, and upholstery do not occur. When you have spent thousands of dollars furnishing an office or business, the last thing you want to have is sun damage. Additionally, commercial window tint will give you an additional level of privacy and security. There are a wide range of tint levels available depending on your needs. Widow tint can keep curious eyes from peering in and window tint also prevents glass from shattering, which will protect your commercial building from “smash and grab” robberies.

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Another significant benefit of commercial window tint is energy savings. Window tint can keep a commercial building significantly cooler, saving on the cost of cooling a building. Window tint also reduces glare off of commercial building windows, which your neighbors will all thank you for. Commercial window tint will benefit employees, customers, clients and guests and will also save significantly on energy costs. Commercial window tint is a great choice for all commercial buildings.

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    When it comes to commercial window tint, not many businesses are aware of just how important it can be to have it installed. Although many people are under the impression that it is merely used for appearance purposes, this is actually not true. Commercial window film is essential for quite a few reasons and business owners could be doing themselves as well as their clients a potential disservice by not having it installed.

    1. Reduce the Amount of Glare in Your Office

    By installing commercial window tint, it will help prevent your customers as well as your coworkers from having to squint as a result of sunlight which is too bright. Once you have installed commercial window film on your office windows and glass doors, it will be easier to see, which will help prevent unnecessary eye strain and headaches.

    2. Lower Energy Usage

    Because the sun is so hot during the summer months, it usually means that office air conditioners have to work overtime to keep clients and staff members cool and comfortable. By installing commercial window film, you will be able to reduce your electricity consumption substantially during summer because of the fact that air conditioners will not need to be turned as cold as they were before.

    3. Protection against Potential Break-Ins

    With the amount of break-ins rising each year, one of the best measures that business owners can take to help prevent them from occurring at their businesses is to have commercial window tint installed. This is because of the fact that window tinting not only adds an extra measure of protection by strengthening the window, it also makes it a lot more difficult for potential burglars to see what is inside your business premises. In most cases, if they cannot see what is inside, they usually won’t bother trying to break in.

    4. Additional Sun Protection for Furniture

    Another benefit of commercial window film is the fact that, because it prevents the sun from entering your building, it is able to help prevent your office furniture, blinds and carpets from fading or perishing. It is a known fact that direct sunlight is detrimental to fabrics as it causes them to rot. Excessive sun exposure can also cause expensive office equipment like computer monitors to become damaged, as they should never be exposed to direct sunlight.

    5. Increased Level of Privacy at the Office

    Because window tint makes it relatively difficult for passers-by to see inside a building, it means that it offers an additional level of privacy. This is important, as it also help prevent staff members from being distracted by people who may be curious enough to look inside your offices while passing the building. This in turn will lead to improved levels of productivity.

    Although tinting may seem like an expensive item to install at your business premises, it will more than pay for itself in the long run, as your furniture and other office equipment will last far longer than it did when it was exposed to direct sunlight.


    Despite its growing popularity, solar technology remains unfamiliar to many Americans. As renewable energy becomes a mainstay topic for the nation’s partisan political debates, consumers may struggle to separate the facts about solar energy from common misconceptions.

    Here are the realities behind five common solar myths:

    Myth 1: Solar energy is a new, unproven technology.

    Solar energy technology roots reach as far back as 1885, when Charles Fritts built the first solar cell using selenium. In 1954, researchers at Bell Labs harnessed the photoelectric effect on silicon, setting the course for modern solar technology. Since then, solar has powered space exploration, oil derricks, cellular networks and grid-tied businesses and homes.

    Myth 2: Solar energy only works in warm climates.

    While sunny states like California lead the U.S. in solar deployment, northern residents still have much to gain from installing residential solar panels. Just as people don’t require full sunshine to see, solar panels don’t require full sunshine to produce electricity. Germany, the country with the most installed solar capacity worldwide, counts on solar irradiation comparable to Seattle’s.

    Myth 3: All solar energy panels are created equal.

    Consumers should be aware that differences in quality and workmanship can curb the amount of energy produced. Be wary of solar panels manufactured in poorly regulated factories with questionable quality-control, labor and environmental practices. Instead, look for home solar panels from a reputable manufacturer, which can guarantee the highest power production and stand behind a 25-year warranty.

    Myth 4: Solar energy panels are unattractive.

    To meet customer demand for attractive installations, a few companies now offer true-black solar panels, designed to blend well with residential rooftops. The panels are made from the most powerful solar cells available, meaning a homeowner can produce more electricity with fewer panels.

    Myth 5: Solar energy is too expensive.

    Thanks to technological advances and attractive rebates, residential solar systems are more affordable than ever. In many parts of the U.S., homeowners can use financing programs to reduce upfront costs and spread payment over 20 or more years.