Vinyl vehicle wraps and custom auto graphics have been growing at a very steady pace during the past few years. However, car wraps are not like business cards, flyers or brochures where the printing press is doing the work. It takes a great deal of patience and skill, just ask any of the guys at our shop that work with vinyl on a regular basis.

A good quality vinyl vehicle wrap requires expertise in many different fields:

  • Design
  • Material
  • Production

Let’s look at each of these elements in detail individually.


The world is not flat, neither is the surface of a car. The designer must have extensive experience and the right tools such as the latest vehicle templates to create a car wrap design that will fit a specific vehicle properly without having the image or the message distorted or sliced into pieces.

Every angle, space, curve of the vehicle must be taken into consideration when designing a wrap. Ignoring these elements will result in a car wrap design that is not easy on the eyes nor is easy to read and understand.


Just like everything else, with car wraps you truly get what you pay for. If you care about quality and longevity of the wrap then you want to make sure that wrap shop is using a high quality vinyl. Maybe we’re being a little biased, but we feel Global Window Films makes some the highest quality material in the business.
Now is time to print your design on the vinyl. Unfortunately, using a wide format digital printer is not as simple as using a HP or Brother printer that we all use at home or office. There is a lot more involved in order to create a sharp and vibrant image when printing a vehicle wrap. Each manufacturer’s vinyl has its own unique print profile, a code specifically created for that particular vinyl which tells the printer exactly how much ink to lay on the vinyl in order to get the best results.

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