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IR Films

IR absorbing particles are put into PET film, Polyethylene Terephthalate, during the lamination process or hard coat process.

Nano Ceramic

Nano Ceramic films are usually optically clear solar control window films that use optically transparent composites that shield infrared heat energy and UV radiation. Standard clear PET, Polyethylene Terephthalate, raw material is coated with various inorganic oxide nanoparticles from metal compounds. These particles reflect or absorb infrared energy wavelength bands. Some particles used in the manufacturing process are tin oxide, indium oxide, and metal hexaboride (lower wavelengths) that block infrared energy at 700-900nm. Other particles used can be ruthenium oxide, tantalum nitride, titanium nitride, titanium silicide and lanthanum boride that block the near infrared.

Nanoparticles have a diameter of 200nm or less; but particles less than 100nm are ideal.


  • Light Films, so that you do not lose the view
  • Can have lighter films (Higher VLT / Visible Light Transmission) that stop heat from coming inside auto/building.
  • Example 70% vlt with 30% to 54% TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection)
  • AM radio waves can pass through for auto glass


  • More Expensive films, due to the high cost of raw material
  • Darker IR & Nano films (darker than 50% VLT) can absorb excessive heat raising the risk of thermal stress for some window constructions for buildings, but these films are okay for auto glass

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