Indiana Architectural Window Film & Indiana Commercial Window Tint Wholesaler

Solar Control Films, Inc has 72 different window films for residential and commercial applications. Almost all of these solar tints have a Lifetime Warranty for residential installations and a 10-Year Warranty for commercial installations.

Indiana Residential Solar Film

Our line of sputtered window films offers the best of both worlds. They match beauty with performance and will block over 84 percent of the total solar energy that enters your home or business.

Available options:

  • Neutral 20, 35, 50, & 65
  • Solar Bronze 20, 35, & 50D
  • Dual Reflective 05, 15, 30, & 40
  • Lux 50

Indiana Designer & Decorative Film

The Specialty Window Films and Mattes are great for adding a decorative touch to kitchens and bathrooms or for providing privacy for those adjoining spaces in office buildings. Designs and patterns can be added, by using a Roland cutter, that will make the space unique and one-of-a-kind. Available Options:

  • Specialty – 60″
    Red-Silver, Blue-Silver, Yellow-Silver, Green-Silver, Orange-Silver, White-Out, Black-Out, UV Clear, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow
  • Mattes – 60″ & 72″ Only
    Bronze, Grey, Silver, White, White Stripes, Silver Stripes

Indiana Commercial Window Film

Our line of vapor coated window films offer outstanding heat rejection with little absorption. These window films are cost effective and ideal for large-scale commercial applications.

Available Options:

  • Bronze 30 & 40
  • Grey 05, 10, 20, & 35
  • Silver 15, 30
  • Silver 50

Indiana Shatter Resistant Safety Film

Our shatter resistant safety window films are top-notch films that offer peace of mind. Designed to keep glass shards from flying in the event of an impact, shatter resistant safety films keep your employees or family safe and are also a great theft deterrent.
Available Options:

  • Clear Safety Film – 36″ 60″ & 72″ Only
    4 mil, 7mil
  • Clear Safety Film- 60″ Only
    8 Mil and 15 Mil
  • Silver Safety Film – 36″, 60″ & 72″ only
    4 mil 15%, 4 mil 30%

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