Residential Window Film Limited Warranty

Limited Residential Warranty

Thank you for purchasing a quality Global Window Film product (hereinafter GWF) for your residential application. Global PET Films Inc. (hereinafter GPF, marketing subsidiary for GWF manufacturer) and you installing independent window film dealer (Seller) are proud the customer (Buyer) who purchased GWF with the following limited residential warranty coverage.

Product Warranty Coverage

Per the coverage term applicable for the GWF product Buyer has purchased, (indicated above) Seller agrees to remove and replace Buyer’s GWF product at no cost should it experience defects such as adhesion failure, peeling, bubbling, blistering, delamination and demetallization.


This limited residential warranty coverage begins at date of installation, is extended to the Buyer and is not transferable. Warranty claim values are limited to the amount of the Buyer’s original installation purchase invoice. Residential rentals are considered commercial properties and therefore DO NOT qualify for this warranty coverage.


GPF is not liable for any loss or damages as a result of installation quality, improper maintenance, cleaning abuse, non residential application and/ or non complying uses of the film. Warranty service repair does not renew or extend the original term of this warranty. This warranty does not include coverage for Thermal Shock Fracture (TSF) and / or Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) seal failure. For specific Thermal Shock Fracture & IGU seal failure information, see TSF & IGU warranty certificate GWF catalog #4040.