We are proud to offer a wide range of high-quality films manufactured by Global Films. A respected name in the window film industry, Global Films has been reliably producing some of the best window films on the market for many years now. This level of consistency and dependability is thanks to Global’s unique approach to manufacturing. 

This company utilizes a single-source, vertically integrated process when producing films, keeping a close eye on the development of its films within its state-of-the-art facility. From start to finish, Global Films oversees each individual production stage, from the individual polymers to the outer packaging. At no point does this company outsource production to third parties. This ensures exceptional levels of quality control, as Global is directly involved in every stage of production. 

It all begins with Global Films’ base petrochemical intermediate – also known as “DMT.” After years of success, Global Films now offers a wide range of films, including affordable options to boost profit margins, specialized choices such as security film, and some of the most reliable heat-rejecting films on the market today. 

The end result is simple. Global Films helps you succeed by providing you with the best possible supplies for the job ahead. With this careful approach to the manufacturing process, Global Films helps you satisfy your customers like never before. And with satisfied customers, it’s easy to reach for higher levels of success. It’s a win-win scenario.


Our films are subject to a strict manufacturing process that ensures the highest possible quality at all times. Our partners at Global Films don’t cut any corners when creating these films, and the entire process takes place in their vertically-integrated facility. This results in visually stunning, high-performance window films that will blow your customers away. 


We offer a range of window film products for a variety of professionals:

  • Paint Protection Film
  • Automotive Window Film
  • Residential Window Film
  • Security Film
  • Commercial Film
  • Nano-Ceramic Film
  • Quick-Dry Film
  • Reflective Film
  • Non-Reflective Film
  • White-Out Film
  • Color-Stable Film

These films are offered in a wide range of price ranges, allowing you to choose the best option for you, your customers, and your budget. 


We’re always here to help. When you form a partnership with TintSupplier, you join a family of window tinting professionals – and that comes with notable benefits. Reach out to us with any questions you might have about warranties, product features, and much more. We also help our customers with marketing strategies, generating new leads, and other ways to make you more profitable. 

We want to see you succeed, so join the Solar Control Films family today!